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STS Samui Leisure Ltd., Part.

Welcome to Koh Samui!

STS Samui Leisure Ltd.,Part. is a reputable and full licensed travel company No.34/01709 providing a wide range of travel services in Koh Samui, Thailand.

The special highlights of STS Samui Leisure are its very own Vision Grand tours and the amazing and unique Jungle Route 360°.

Jungle Route 360° is 600 metres above sea-level and the only attraction that offers visitors 360° views of Koh Samui. Capture breathtaking, stunning and unobstructed panoramic views of the sunrise and sunset. Seeing is believing! So, come to Jungle Route 360° and see to believe!

STS Samui Leisure’s staff are certified by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and with more than 10 years of quality work experience, they bring great joy, fun, laughter and wonderful memories to its visitors.

Let STS Samui Leisure make your travel experiences truly unforgettable!

• Vision Grand: Experience Samui with a difference

➢ Koh Samui Explore
➢ Koh Samui, The unknown charm
➢ Samui’s Unique Local Experience
➢ Discover the real spirit of Samui
➢ Sunset Dinner above Koh Samui’s Stars
➢ BBQ Chic & Chill

• Jungle Route 360°: A unique destination in more than 600 meters above the sea.The unknown charm of Koh Samui

➢ Event Location
➢ Romantic Dinners
➢ Camping
➢ Staff Outings
➢ Unique “chill-out” experiences

Phumpongsa Boontho

Managing Director

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